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Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing Best Practices

Thanks to anti-SPAM laws and ongoing efforts by vendors and marketers who have worked to ensure credibility, consumers can trust their email. However, it’s critical that email marketers stay abreast of evolving trends and technologies because what worked before may not work today.

One important trend is that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have emerged as a kind of meta-audience, which email…

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Open 24hrs

SO YOU WANT TO BE “ALWAYS ON.” by Charlie Tarzian

Two things happened to me in 1997 that changed the way I viewed the possible. The first was reading Regis McKenna’s book, “Real Time: Preparing for the Never Satisfied Customer.” At the time, this was the seminal book about marketing automation before there was a vibrant, web-based marketplace to attach it to. Regis was THE pioneer that told us…

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Ghosts In Your Machine

Ghosts In Your Machine

Ghosts in Machine

Ghosts In Your B2B Machine by Charlie Tarzian

I have been absolutely deluged by companies telling me I should put their pixel on my clients’ sites so we can tell who is coming to the site. It’s as if all these guys (you know who you are) discovered reverse IP lookup at the same time (maybe the same industry show?) and now have a bright, new, shiny object to launch their ambitions for world…

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Welcome to the Age of Predictive Automation!

Welcome to the Age of Predictive Automation!

Predictive Analytics

It’s Time for Predictive Automation by Charlie Tarzian

Over the past 6 – 8 months I have sat in on quite a few meetings with client teams responsible for their company’s lead generation and marketing automation. I have been doing this in the context of presenting some pretty compelling, maybe even exciting data that is helping to evolve how these companies might take that data and create a new…

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Build Personas, Know Your Customers

Build Personas, Know Your Customers

Buyer personas are like sketches of the customers to whom your company serves. When creating a persona, it’s best to focus on one customer segment per product/service at a time. Once you’ve selected a target audience, you want to identify the influencers and decision makers within those companies and then create your persona around them.

Five Steps to Build a Persona

Step 1: Define their current…

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