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New Android Wear features announced.

Google have detailed new features for Android Wear in a blog post, with changes that will see runners or cyclists in particular excited.

Offline music playback and GPS support have been announced for the system, meaning you can go for a run or a bike ride and track your activity without taking the connected smartphone. Music can be streamed to bluetooth headphones directly from the watch. It’s worth noting that the GPS features will only be available in watches with a GPS sensor - at the moment that’s only the recently announced Sony SmartWatch3 (pictured on the right above), which Google says will be available ‘later this year’.

Another new feature is downloadable watch faces. Although some watch faces are currently available in the Play store, they have to be installed via an app on the phone and are difficult to develop. The new update will make new faces easier to develop and install, which should encourage more developers to create them.

I’ve been wearing the LG G watch for a few weeks now and really enjoy the voice commands, which weren’t available on my old Pebble watch. For me the only major flaw is the design, but judging from the look of the four new watches above, designs are rapidly improving already.

Smartwatched by #Google. #Hipsters and Swissters must wait for #Apple

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